General Insurance Workshop Structure in detail?


General Insurance Actuarial Syllabus updated as of December 2020:

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This workshop comprises of Pricing, Reserving, Solvency of General Insurance, 6 days course

1. Modelling of Solvency I
  • Excel based modelling on how to find RSM i.e. Required solvency Margin
  • Assessment will be conducted
2. Modelling of Reserves 
  • Excel based modelling based on two methods i.e. Chain ladder and Bornhuetter Ferguson method
  • We will cover more practical aspects of both methods such as where they are useful and where not and how actuary uses his/her judgement
  • Assessment will be conducted
3. Modelling of Pricing
  • Here will pick the data from Motor Road accidents in India as per report by Government of India on the basis of that we will try to find the likelihood of motor accidents across various states of India and how it will impact our pricing
4. General Insurance Handbook for Interview preparation for technical rounds (we will give you that handbook as a complimentary gift and it contains all the answers to following topics)
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Pricing of General Insurance
  • Basics of Run off triangle
  • Reserving of General Insurance
  • Motor Insurance
  • Excess vs Deductibles
  • Reinsurance and its types
  • Extraction of IBNER from IBNR
  • Risk factors v Rating factors
  • IBNR vs Case outstanding

5. We will give you one more handbook for free as a gift on Probability distribution for the following in layman terms:
  • Uniform
  • Bernoulli
  • Binomial
  • Poisson
  • Geometric
  • Negative Binomial
  • Hyper geometric
  • Gamma
  • Exponential
  • Beta
  • T
  • Chi-Square
  • F
  • Weibull
  • Pareto
  • Normal
  • Standard Normal
  • Lognormal
  • Burr
6. HR Tips and Tricks

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Let's have a look at some frequently asked questions after the below image:)

Ques: Is this Workshop online ?

Ans: Yes, it is an online workshop where we will teach you all the topics mentioned above.

Ques: How can I join this workshop ?

Ans: You have to stay updated on our Linkedin or Instagram pages for upcoming batches.

Ques: Will I get the certificate on completion ?

Ans: Yes. But please note that if you are only here for certificate then we are sorry, we will not teach you. Because we believe in infusing the greatest knowledge among actuarial aspirants around the world. Interviewer will not ask you whether you have any certificate or not. He will judge you on the basis of knowledge that you possess.

Ques: How does this workshop works ?

Ans: On our Linkedin or Instagram pages you will find google forms to fill up after that

·         You will receive a call from us for any general query and for the payment

·         You have to install Zoom video calling software on your Laptop

·         We will share our screen and then will teach you everything on an hourly basis

·         Your doubts will be taken during the session

Ques: How many students will be in one batch ?

Ans: We believe in quality over Quantity, therefore we will not fill up one batch more than 15 students and focus on each and every single individual.

Ques: In which language do you teach ?

Ans: English

 Ques: Is this Workshop Paid and how much is the fees ?

Ans: Yes, it’s a paid workshop and fees usually changes as per demand and supply concept but will always stays within reasonable amount. You will be happy to know that from this amount we used to pay fees for the actuarial students who are financially weak, we reimburse their examination and study material fees. 😊

Ques: How it will help me in finding my first Job ?

Ans: Workshop is designed in such a crisp manner that you will be able to understand the whole actuarial concept very easily and session will also be conducted on how to get the job. As on September 2020, we have taught around 330 students, out of which 230 got their actuarial Job

**** If you guys have any other general doubts, make sure to comment below and we will update our FaQs page*****


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